EBSCO aims to provide a good work environment, to deliver useful products and services to our customers with excellent service, and to improve and grow in all our endeavors.

We seek employees who can be distinctively individual, yet also work within a cooperative team. EBSCO believes in open-door communications, and we feel this policy helps promote an environment of fairness, learning and improvement. We seek to be a good place to work and offer employees as much opportunity as their abilities and willingness to work can handle.

EBSCO is blessed with many loyal customers. We look to our customers to learn to develop better products and services and to foster the creativity and ingenuity that will make us better. We will continue to put our customers first.

We are thankful for our historical progress. We are inspired by our opportunities. We will continue to seek improvement and growth.

Community Service

EBSCO believes in actively supporting all that is worthwhile in the community by investing in both the city and region.

Each year, EBSCO fulfills its financial obligation to the community by contributing five percent of the company’s profit before profit-sharing and taxes to worthwhile causes. It is our hope that by doing so, we can continue for many years to help make our community a better place to live.

Tim Collins

Tim Collins,
President and
Chief Executive Officer