Vulcan Enterprises (now EBSCO Professional Partnership Group) started to provide community-service messages for magazine binder covers.


Bringing your message to the waiting room

Founded in 1954, EBSCO Professional Partnership Group pioneered the concept of reception room and reading area marketing. EBSCO Professional Partnership Group customers sponsor a gift reading service in reception rooms and waiting areas that cater to highly specific audiences.

The service consists of popular periodicals, a display rack with shelf ads and a header sign, along with protective vinyl binders for each title. The binders, shelf ads and header signs feature an advertisement or public-service message for the sponsor.

Sponsors target different types of reading areas based on the types of prospects they would like to reach and the image they want to project. Currently, EBSCO Professional Partnership Group programs are found in thousands of doctors’ offices, public libraries, school libraries, health clubs, salons, hospitals and senior centers.

EBSCO Professional Partnership Group sponsors benefit not only from highly targeted marketing, but also from the good will associated with providing a community service at the recipient’s location.

As the trend in advertising has moved away from mass media toward more targeted marketing, EBSCO Professional Partnership Group’s unique concept has made it a national leader in the field of indoor advertising, employing 40 sales professionals spanning the United States.

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