EBSCO Telephone Sales (currently EBSCO TeleServices) was created to provide promotional and research capabilities to publishers.


Outbound calling programs for America’s leading publishers

Founded in 1980, EBSCO TeleServices is dedicated to providing high-quality telephone marketing. EBSCO TeleServices specializes in business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer outbound calling programs for many of America’s leading publishers. EBSCO TeleServices provides business-to-business publishers with a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to other direct marketing and promotional efforts. For consumer publications, EBSCO TeleServices can be an attractive alternative to maintaining and building circulation levels with no out-of-pocket costs to the publisher.

EBSCO TeleServices provides the highest-quality results in the following areas:

  • BPA/ABC requalifications for audits
  • Consumer magazine acquisition and retention
  • Technical, professional and academic journals/sales
  • Market surveys
  • Database cleansing
  • Lead generation

EBSCO TeleServices has three call centers with 190 active workstations and nearly 400 employees. Locations include headquarters and call centers in Canton, Ohio, as well as Akron and Kent, Ohio. The EBSCO TeleServices office at International Headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, handles all customer service issues, including order processing, billing, payments, collections and information management.

Operating as a full-service, completely automated teleservice agency, EBSCO TeleServices has combined the latest technology with a personal touch. EBSCO TeleServices is equipped to handle calling, order verification, invoicing and order fulfillment. Each client is provided with personalized service backed by the most advanced technical dialing system available. Each call center is capable of digitally recording every outbound call for training and quality-control purposes. This combination gives immediate access to customized market responses and client reporting.

EBSCO Teleservices

Robert Prosise,
Vice President and
General Manager

4150 Belden Village Ave. NW,
Suite 401

Canton, OH 44718

330.492.5105 phone

800.456.5105 toll free

330.492.5205 fax


Robert Prosise