ETS Expands B-to-B Efforts with the Addition of Diza Burnett

EBSCO TeleServices (ETS), based in Canton, Ohio, has chosen Diza Burnett as senior manager of business development to focus on expanding the company’s business-to-business (B2B) requalification work.

When individuals receive professional publications free of charge, they must periodically “re-qualify” to receive those publications by updating their demographic information with the publisher. This process ensures that advertisers are targeting specific demographics within that industry. ETS makes calls on behalf of publishers to ask these individuals if they wish to continue to receive the title free of charge and then collects the needed demographic information.

“As the telemarketing arm of EBSCO’s Publishing Services division, ETS offers a compelling story to B2B publishers, enabling them to bundle services with other EBSCO divisions to leverage both technology and pricing,” said Burnett.

Before joining ETS, Burnett served as vice president of business development at American Pacesetters. She began her career in the publishing industry at BPA Worldwide, where she worked more than nine years managing multiple regional offices, and ended as vice president of auditing services. She is an active member of the BPA Managers Telecommunication Advisory Committee and has thorough knowledge of telemarketing rules and best practices.

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