Leadership through action.

Most organizations are in a constant state of change. Leaders must be responsive and adaptive to changing conditions in order to thrive and grow. They must establish a clear vision of where the company is going and commit to taking the actions necessary to transform that vision into reality. Our leaders not only set direction and take action; they seek out and value the ideas of others. Their willingness to seek input, listen carefully, and continuously learn creates an environment where people are respected, energized, and committed to common goals.

Tim Collins
President and Chief Executive Officer

Tim is an excellent example of what’s possible when you focus on customers, operate with a vision and bias for action, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. In 1983, Tim joined EBSCO after the business he co-founded with his step-father, Popular Magazine Review, was acquired.

Tim led the way in overseeing the explosive growth that has taken EBSCO Information Services from a niche provider of print indexes in the 1980s to what is today—one of the world’s leading for-fee Internet research services. He guided the company to strong organic growth, as well as a steady stream of over 60 strategic acquisitions.

In July 2014, Tim became the President and CEO of EBSCO Industries, Inc. and his commitment to sustained sales and profit growth is now driving success across all of EBSCO. Tim understands first-hand the importance of cultivating passion by giving team members opportunities for career growth and greater fulfillment. As Tim sees it, employees invest a lot of themselves into the company, so it’s only right that the company should invest back into each of them.

Bryson Stephens
Vice Chairman

Bryson has a long history with EBSCO. As the grandson of our founder, Elton B. Stephens, and son of Chairman, J.T. Stephens, Bryson was no stranger to dinner conversations filled with sales success stories and entrepreneurial feats. Today, Bryson is Vice Chairman of EBSCO’s Board of Directors, working alongside his father and the other Board members to provide strategic direction for the company. In addition to his role as Vice Chairman, Bryson oversees EBSCO Realty Investments, leads EBSCO’s Lean Initiative, and is a member of the EBSCO Savings and Profit Sharing Trust Administrative Committee. Prior to being elected Vice Chairman, Bryson was Group President over EBSCO Sign Group, Valley Joist, Vulcan Information Packaging, and Vulcan Industries. Bryson has been a member of EBSCO's Board of Directors since 2007.

David Walker
Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

With a background in accounting, finance, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A), David joined EBSCO in 2000, and quickly applied his expertise, launching our first M&A team. By 2010, his responsibilities had increased with the addition of finance, treasury, tax, and cash management. Over the past several years David’s role has continued to grow as his team has expanded to include the accounting, administration, and communications departments, while also providing direct strategic leadership for multiple businesses. As COO and CFO, David’s ability to create and connect business strategies at both the corporate and business-unit levels, and his commitment to the principles of EBSCO Way, have contributed to EBSCO’s success through acquisition, development, and profitable growth.

Mike Gorrell
Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President

Coming from the high tech industry, Mike joined EBSCO in 1994 and accepted the challenge to help introduce what was then an ambitious new service called EBSCOhost. Since that initial challenge, he has been responsible for building high-performance systems that surpass industry standards for performance and availability. As CIO, Mike is part of the team bringing Lean thinking and methods to our businesses, and he is responsible for technology across EBSCO Industries—leading teams who have an essential role in shaping the future of EBSCO businesses through digital integrations and innovative technology improvements.

Brian Wilson
Senior Vice President, Corporate Human Resources

Brian represents how drive and a positive attitude can help you write your own success story at EBSCO. Brian began his career at EBSCO in 1992 as a technical writer. Since then, he has worked as a corporate trainer and manager of the training department. Today, Brian isn’t just training our teams on best practices. As the Senior VP of Corporate Human Resources, he is leading by example and ensuring we invest in initiatives that help our teams realize what’s possible, collectively and individually.

Robert Schoenvogel
Group President, PRADCO Outdoor Brands

At EBSCO, we define success in a number of ways, including increasing profit, adding value for customers, and offering opportunities for team members to reach their potential. Robert is an example of those goals in action. Since joining EBSCO in 2006, he’s held several key leadership roles, and in each of those positions Robert has shown how successful teamwork yields profit and satisfied customers. Currently, he’s working to grow our team at PRADCO Outdoor Brands into even stronger leaders in the outdoor industry.

Jay Page
Group President, EBSCO Realty Investments

Jay has spent the last two decades involved in real estate acquisitions, planning, development, sales and marketing, strategic planning, and resort/hotel operations. That’s good for us, because Jay uses all of those skills as Group President of EBSCO Realty Investments. From land management and commercial construction, to commercial and residential development, and multifamily and homebuilding, Jay is setting high expectations for what planned communities can and should be in both Alys Beach, EBSCO’s luxury beach community on 30A in Florida’s gulf coast, and The Town of Mt Laurel outside of Birmingham, Alabama.

Robert C. Belcher
Group President, Vulcan Industries, EBSCO Sign Group, Valley Joist, Vulcan Information Packaging

With over 12 years of experience in distribution and manufacturing businesses, Robert brings a deep knowledge of how to deliver continuous improvement and measurable growth to EBSCO. Immediately before joining EBSCO, Robert was Chief Operating Officer at Birmingham-based Ram Tool Construction Supply Co. He has also held leadership roles at market-leading companies such as Stryker, Lockheed Martin, and General Electric. Prior to those roles in the private sector, Robert served as an Officer in the United States Navy, where he developed an expertise for leading teams through uncertainty and high stress to achieve superior performance.

Heather Moore
Vice President of Accounting

Heather has been an integral part of our EBSCO team for 25 years. After earning her MBA from Auburn University, she initially joined the EBSCO Accounting team as a Staff Accountant. Her passion for continuous improvement and bias for action are reflected in her dynamic career and success in each position she has held. As Vice President of Accounting, Heather leads a team responsible for the accuracy of financial statements across EBSCO’s diverse and international portfolio. In addition, Heather and her team handle payroll, internal auditing, accounts payable, statutory compliance, as well as reporting for EBSCO’s board and management team.

Jason English
Vice President of Finance and Tax

Jason’s favorite EBSCO principle is Do What You Say You Will Do, which is a good principle to guide you when you’re responsible for the finance, treasury and tax functions of a worldwide organization. Jason joined EBSCO in 2005 and has consistently proven his ability to tackle any new challenge that our growth has brought his way. Prior to EBSCO, Jason was employed by the international engineering and construction firm, BE&K. He’s also worked for KPMG, a leading global accounting firm. In addition to his responsibilities as a Vice President, Jason also serves as Secretary of the EBSCO Credit Union Board of Directors.

Tyler Novak
Vice President of Legal Services

As our first in-house lawyer, Tyler oversees all legal matters for EBSCO. And with the diversity of EBSCO businesses, that’s no small task, but she’s up for the challenge. Before joining EBSCO, Tyler worked for some of the region’s leading law firms—representing companies in a vast range of corporate matters including mergers, acquisitions, licensing, contract negotiations, and much more. We are very pleased that she is applying her breadth of experience to EBSCO and helping our many businesses along the way.

Eric Essary
Group President and Managing Director of EBSCO Capital

The process of acquiring a new business is complex. As Group President and Managing Director of EBSCO Capital, Eric has been involved in identifying, evaluating, and acquiring several of the companies within the EBSCO portfolio. Managing acquisitions requires multi-disciplinary skills, like structuring transactions, managing due diligence, negotiating, and more. But, Eric’s role goes beyond that necessary expertise. He also plays a key role in advising our existing businesses on strategy and growth opportunities to ensure their continued success. Some of the experience Eric brings to EBSCO comes from working with industry leaders like Mars, Inc., Houlihan Lokey and Wells Fargo Securities. 

Karla Wiles
Vice President of Marketing Communications

While not everyone embraces change, Karla thrives in it, and even likes creating it. Having joined EBSCO in 2009, she has supported our focus on continuous improvement since the beginning of her EBSCO career. She has educated our businesses on the importance of the digital space and the role of integrated marketing; and she advocated for, and developed, EBSCO’s first employment branding campaign. Karla’s extensive advertising agency and marketing background taught her the importance of listening to customers and building authentic brands that create connections to grow sales. She is passionate about using marketing communications to help EBSCO grow—and that’s the kind of change, we can all embrace.

Clay Halla
Vice President of Supply Chain Logistics

Clay has moved his career forward by moving freight across the country. With over 20 years of experience in freight transportation, he has held positions at every operational level of the industry. For us that means he knows logistics—really knows logistics. Before joining EBSCO, Clay held executive positions in two of the nation’s most trusted freight companies, CEVA Ground and Con-Way. He was also instrumental in launching Con-Way Truckload, an endeavor that brought greater profitability and growth to the Con-Way subsidiary.

Allen Powell
Executive Vice President, Operations and Finance, EIS

Allen has been with EBSCO since 1991 and currently works with one of EBSCO’s oldest businesses. The EIS Operations Offices maintain over 96,000 publisher relationships and provide management services for more than 360,000 serials, including over 57,000 e-journal titles. Providing our customers with a comprehensive title database, highly-skilled customer service, and a state-of-the-art online subscription acquisition and management system, Allen and his teams lead continuous improvement initiatives that have enabled our EIS Operations Offices to continue to be successful since its inception.

John Atkins
Senior Vice President, Corporate Planning and Content Management, EIS

As a leader in the world of Information Services, EBSCO knew content was king before Google existed. Which is why we have been focused on improving content management since our own beginning. As the Senior VP of Corporate Planning and Content Management, John is in charge of content management for the Database and Discovery businesses within EBSCO Information Services, overseeing all aspects of the content value stream for licensed and proprietary databases. John’s team works with information providers to find both the digital and print content that our clients demand. Additionally, John is focused on continuous improvement across EBSCO—leading the implementation of SAFe development practices and leadership training.

Stratton Lloyd
Executive Vice President, Product Management and Customer Satisfaction, EIS

Stratton and his team strive to meet our customers’ needs better than our competition can. As the Executive VP of Product Management and Customer Satisfaction for EBSCO Information Services, Stratton is responsible for over 400 information products and manages more than 200,000 subscription customers in 125 countries. He brings the voice of the customer into the work we do and helps us ensure that we are delivering exactly what our customers expect from us.

Sam Brooks
Executive Vice President, Marketing, Sales, Publisher Relations and Strategic Partnerships, EIS

As the Executive VP in charge of worldwide marketing, sales, publisher relations and strategic partnerships for EBSCO Information Services, Sam has traveled the world, visiting universities in more than 90 countries. But Sam’s extensive travels don’t interfere with his ability to continuously improve our products and services for our customers. He is deeply involved in product development and is one of the leading content experts within our company. Sam’s passion for what he does is reflected in his commitment to improving lives by expanding access to information—working extensively with ministries of education, science and technology, and culture in developing nations.