Together, we can create more equitable communities.

EBSCO Community Impact (ECI) is a team member-led funding and volunteer program designed to help create positive results through the support EBSCO provides. This annual program is dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations through monetary contributions and volunteer service.

As we consider the current state of our world, from rethinking education and childcare access amid a pandemic to the collective outcry in response to our ongoing national crisis of racial injustice, there are persistent issues of inequity in our society.

Each of us are in a position to help create the community we desireā€”a community that values inclusion and strives toward equity among its citizens.

ECI 2022 will focus resources and efforts towards organizations whose work specifically targets social inequity and racial inequality in the Blount, Jefferson, Shelby, St Clair, and Walker counties.

We hope you choose to apply and look forward to learning more about how your organization makes a difference in our community!

Submissions for 2022 ECI grants are now closed.

Round 1

October 1st-15th: Application Submissions Open

For the initial application, we ask that organizations simply submit a single 250-300 word written response, describing how their organization is combatting social inequity and racial inequality in the Blount, Jefferson, Shelby, St Claire, and Walker counties as well as the amount of funding requested ($5,000-$15,000) and how the funding will be utilized.

Round 2

October 18th-25th: Additional Materials Requested from a Select Group

Nonprofits selected to continue in the process will be notified and will be asked to answer more detailed questions or provide additional supporting materials. Additional information is due October 29th.

Round 3

November 30th: Virtual Event with EBSCO Team Members

We will ask that all finalists for the ECI grant submit a video (no more than 5 minutes) highlighting their efforts to create a more equitable society for a virtual event with EBSCO team members and provide one representative to attend the event via Microsoft Teams to answer questions from our team members.

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