EBSCO Industries launches BiSo Collective

Posted on February 22, 2019

Dave Gray has joined EBSCO Industries as the founder of a newly formed, B2B, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, headquartered in downtown Birmingham. The new company, BiSo Collective, is focused on making acquisitions of mission-critical B2B SaaS companies and growing those companies through a combination of strategic acquisitions and organic growth.

The search for potential acquisitions will start in Birmingham, with the goal to build enduring companies that are also assets to our city and the growing technology scene. While BiSo Collective will ultimately act as a holding company, it will not be in the traditional sense. Dave Gray and EBSCO will work with the future portfolio of businesses to help them grow and scale faster. The result will encompass a family of healthy, vibrant software companies.

The name BiSo Collective encompasses the goal of this new business. BiSo is derived from the first two letters in Birmingham and software. The word collective was chosen based on the definition: cooperative enterprise marked b similarity among the members of the group. All of which ties nicely to the mission.

Learn more about BiSo Collective.