Our biggest advantage is our people.

The innovations EBSCO will create tomorrow depend on the people we hire today. It’s just that simple. Across all our industries we maintain an attractive standard of benefits that is both competitive and comprehensive. We see it as investing in people and our future.

“We hire great people and let them thrive”

–Tim Collins, President and CEO

Passionate about what we do every day

In our internal publication, we recently featured over 20 passionate people from around our company—you can learn more about a few of them below.

Mark Cowan
Director of Operations, PRADCO-Fishing
Years of Service: 20

"I am passionate about being part of a team, continually improving, developing leaders, and growing in knowledge and wisdom."

Debbie Doyle
Sales Rep, Vulcan Information Packaging
Years of Service: 33

"The creative collaboration between me and my customer has always filled me with excitement. I love finding the perfect marriage of artwork, construction, and materials to ideally communicate the client's intended message."

Wanda Lauderdale
Accounting Manager/Compensation & Benefits
Years of Service: 33

"I am driven each day to make a difference, even if small. I am excited about the work ahead of me. This can be a project or tasks at work, or simply being able to help or encourage another person in my life."

Tammy Harris
Customer Services Representative/Trainer, Publisher Operations, EIS
Years of Service: 4

"My passion for my family affects my approach to work: I treat people as family. Working for a company that wants you to succeed so they can succeed is an amazing feeling."

Dan Lentini
Manager, Business Development, Vulcan Industries
Years of Service: 13

"I love what I do, so my passion always rises to the occasion. As a salesperson for Vulcan Industries I get to participate in solving problems for great customers."

10 Reasons to Choose EBSCO.

  • Diverse Growth Opportunities

    EBSCO is in a wide range of businesses and industries and we are always looking for opportunities to grow – which gives our employees a lot of opportunity too.

  • Shared Success

    We devote 15% of all pre-tax profits to the EBSCO Savings & Profit Sharing Trust – our retirement plan that has historically outperformed the typical 401k.

  • Continuous Improvement

    EBSCO fosters continuous improvement for employees through tuition reimbursement, training, and conferences.

  • Community Improvement

    Our focus on Continuous Improvement extends beyond our businesses. EBSCO devotes 5% of our pre-tax profits to helping communities.

  • Competitive Benefits

    Our comprehensive benefits include excellent health and dental coverage and a range of other advantages, including life insurance, disability insurance, adoption benefits, and more.

  • Inspiring Features

    In addition to inspiring nature outside, our Birmingham and Ipswich campuses offer an on-site gym, health resources, and cafeteria inside.

  • Flexible Philosophy

    From our work schedules to work locations, EBSCO has cultivated a relaxed work environment where people are comfortable to perform at their best.

  • Change is Created

    Innovative thinking is not only encouraged, it’s rewarded with programs designed to help our employees improve our processes, products, and services.

  • Privately Owned

    Since the beginning, EBSCO has been family-owned, giving us the freedom to make decisions that are right for our customers and focused on long-term growth.

  • Profit Creates Opportunity

    Providing customers with better products, continuing education, realizing our own retirement plans, and improving our community all require profit. After 70 years of success, we understand that profit makes things possible.

The philosophy we grow by.

We are committed to the sound business fundamentals found in our Principles, the core competencies within our Practices, and a Culture built on eight key attributes.